Quarto Mundo is a conceptual space, where music and attentive listening can be experienced on a high-fidelity soundsystem, allowing to be appreciated with detail, warmth and dynamics. The sound design consists of two Audolici tube amplifiers, interconnected to a set of vintage Kenwood KL and Telefunken TL monitors.
The vinyl plays on Technics SL turntables and is mixed on a rare Bozak DL-C.


Guests: (JP) Sounzstore, Yoske Nishiumi; (DE) Burnt Friedman; (PT) João Pais Filipe, Sonoscopia, Matéria Prima; (CH) Von Litchern; (EVK) Evita Vasilejva.
Press: Ban Ton Ton, Time Out Porto, Visão ~ Listen: Mixcloud